3D Projection
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Curtain wall projection

  The large wall projection outside the building is mainly used for the new development of the new estate, the international hotel, the shopping center, the theme park exterior wall and so on. The display time is based on the night, the form is novel, the sense of science and technology is strong, it can attract the audience of all ages and all income classes to watch, and can be guaranteed for a long time. Hold super high popularity.

Projection characteristics

  The projection screen of the curtain wall has large area, novel form and strong sense of science and technology. The display mode has a strong scarcity in a certain city or a certain area. It can attract the audience of all ages and all income strata to watch. It can keep high popularity in a long time and can also be shocked. Broadcast the theme of the customer.


Projection life application

The Sixth International Forum on optical applications in art and architecture in Holland has been held in a week. The theme of this forum is "fantasy and reality". Artists from all over the world use the local buildings as curtain walls to create beautiful pictures and art works.
It is mainly used for indoor large-scale song and dance galas, indoor large-scale theme tourism galas, indoor large-scale product launches, etc.
Outdoor mainly used: mainly used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shopping centers, holiday centers, theme parks, outdoor large-scale product conferences, display time mainly at night, the huge wall projection outside the building just started in China, with a very high commercial display value.