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Water curtain film

Water curtain film technology is a multimedia technology that illuminate the surface of the water with a beam of light. The water curtain film came into being in the late 80s of last century, but it only appeared in big cities in France, Japan and some other countries. Because of the unparalleled optical effect of the water curtain film, when the movie is played, the color is fresh and vivid, and the subtitle is clear.


1, the picture is huge: the general small water curtain, the length and width are close to 10 meters, the area is about 100 square meters; the large lake water curtain, the length can exceed 150 meters, the height can reach 30 meters above, its evening far view effect is more distinct than the city landmark building. The water curtain can also be adapted to local conditions, such as local waterfalls and other facilities. The characteristic of super large water screen is incomparable with other technologies.
2, various forms: relatively simple useful pool plane, rectangular vertical plane, also have an irregular vertical plane, and 360 degree circular three-dimensional. In early 2011, the circular water curtain film was officially launched in Hongkong's Ocean Park.
3, the shock of the visual impact: with the super power sound effect, the unpredictable laser beam, like a mirage general scene, let the audience near the scene feel mysterious Wonderland in general.
4, wide audience: not only can we watch closely, but we can also go far. Of course, there are different points of view and different effects, such as looking at the lake, looking at a nearby tall building, in a distance or aerial photograph, and in a word, you have a free way to see the film.

Type of water curtain

1, water curtain type: relatively speaking, its investment funds are relatively small and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that the scene is small and the effect is poor. Small performances and small ads will be used.
2, large scale water curtain: we usually say that the water curtain is all this kind of scene. It uses high pressure water pumps and special sprinklers to spray water from bottom to top to make water atomized and form a water film "screen" in the air. The laser animation and film are imaging on the screen after atomization. The advantage is that the scene is the biggest, the shortcoming is that the capital investment is astonishing, and the later maintenance cost is high. Generally, they are temporary performances, with relatively few fixed ones. Because the screen is transparent water film, so the image plays a special optical perspective effect, the picture is three-dimensional, close to the holographic effect, the audience is more comfortable.
3. Water surface: usually projected directly on the side of the lake, pool surface or water filled glass wall. The advantage is that the effect is relatively good, the disadvantage is that the venue is too special, and the audience is relatively small.