LED Show
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Functional characteristics:
As the most environment-friendly and potential lighting product, LED has demonstrated its intelligence and diversity characteristics in large-scale outdoor scene applications. Such as the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games of the scene lighting and beautiful stage performance, all show the strong development momentum of the domestic lighting project.
Functional application:
In the application of the urbanization of LED lighting, the lighting of the traditional city is often single, the cultural introduction lacks vivid scenes, and the cultural landscape lacks the situation of multimedia display of sound, light and picture. Sunshine lighting is a unique way to break through the defects of traditional urban landscape lighting and lighting. The simple products are provided to the elaborate planning and design, the LED lighting is combined with the history of urban cultural development, custom and geography, the LED lighting is combined with the picture of the LED display screen and the light show of listening music to create a new urban multimedia display platform to create a new name for the unique city image. Film. Among them, the light show is the ingenious fusion of multi products and multi elements such as color laser digital lamp, projecting light, light beam, LED display screen and water screen, sound system and so on. This integration opens up the cross field development of lighting art, and achieves shocking audio-visual effects through the combination of sound, light and electricity. The scene will not only attract citizens and tourists. While watching and guiding people to understand the local culture and charm, they also beautify the city and promote the comprehensive effect of attracting investment.
In China's LED lighting industry, at the same time, it is not common to cover enterprises from LED technology research and development to manufacturing, marketing and other fields. Sunshine lighting, as a leading leader in many aspects of development, has set up good benchmarks for domestic LED lighting. The establishment of Shanghai chip research and development center, Zhejiang Shangyu, Fujian Xiamen production base not only realized the layout of the